We specialize in working with church groups interested in buying or selling church properties. Our emphasis is in Southern California presently.


Let us help you locate the church property you need and assist in your acquisition of the property. Negotiating with a win-win result is the kind of service we offer all our customers.


Let us market your property for you and help you realize the highest possible market value in today's market. Expect full professional representation with an experienced Broker in your sale and purchase of any replacement church property transactions.
Place your call today and let's get your property on the market and exposed to all potential Buyers right away. WE NEED LISTINGS. The demand for church property is seemingly on the rise as many groups are attempting to acquire their first place of worship or move up to a larger facility due to membership increase. If your church group is contemplating any of these moves, or you know of one considering such move, please have them contact us. Our contact information is found below.


We can help with obtaining the financing you need for your project. It can be for a purchase, refinancing or just cash out. If you need to cross collateralize and complete your purchase, then sell your current property later, that's possible too. Let us discuss your needs and explore the possibilities of financing your project(s) today.

PLEASE CONTACT US BY E-MAIL OR TELEPHONE. The e-mail address is, and phone is 909-822-2923, or 951-529-2330 (anytime) and leave your contact information including what you are inquiring about. A PROMPT RESPONSE TO YOUR QUESTIONS OR REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE WITH A SALE OR PURCHASE WILL BE MADE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.